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Our partner for currency exchange and payment of your real estate purchase

Mondial Change allows you to make payments anywhere in the world in more than 130 currencies in record time without any transfer fees and at very competitive exchange rates. By going through Mondial Change rather than your traditional bank for your real estate purchase you will save time and money.


When it comes to make an international payment, your bank generally charges you a high transfer fee, a foreign exchange commission and a very degraded exchange rate compared to the real market price.


On the other hand, between the time you validate your deed of purchase and the actual time of payment, the exchange rate that applies to your transaction may vary significantly. Mondial Change is therefore offering hedging solutions that can secure the exchange rate upon signing of your purchase.


Why should you choose Mondial Change?

  • Very competitive exchange rate (improvement of 30 to 50% compared to a traditional bank)

  • No foreign exchange commission and free transfer fee

  • Simple hedging solution to secure the exchange rate and the real estate purchase price

  • Funds credited in 24h around the world

To find out more or to open an account, simply visit our website

or contact our team at +33 (0) 1 48 09 09 83.

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